# The Launchpad Software Engineering Course

Junior through Principal, $0 to Millions in TC and Beyond!

Are you ready to "shoot for the stars" but lacking the mentorship needed to advance your career?

Let us help you. We're Ben and Mike with SWEPro, and we're two Software Engineers with 20+ years of combined software engineering experience across web, mobile, and embedded systems who have been in your shoes before.

We're working on a brand new course for Software Engineers of all levels to help share some of the knowledge we've picked up working for companies ranging from 3 to 30,000 employees. 🎊

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# Our work history includes successful companies like:


# And we've worked directly with engineers and managers from:


Required legal stuff: none of the above companies are in any way affiliated with this course.

# Here's a preview what you can look forward to when the course launches:

  • In-depth course explaining how to be the best engineer you can be. Here's a few sample topics that will be covered in the course:
    • ✔️ How to pick a company: startup vs. enterprise
    • ✔️ Interview preparation and landing the job
    • ✔️ Effective salary negotiation to increase your TC 💰
    • ✔️ Tools you should master to make your job easier
    • ✔️ Time management and tracking your work
    • ✔️ Shipping code to production without incidents... 🚢
    • ✔️ ... but because no one's perfect: production incidents and on-call etiquette 🚒🔥
    • ✔️ Working with other engineers with code and design reviews (free template downloads!)
    • ✔️ End-to-end project management
    • ✔️ Working with external customers and soft skills
    • ✔️ One-on-ones and maximizing your time with your manager
    • ✔️ Leveling up (E3 through E8, junior through principal and beyond!)
  • Exclusive access to our private Discord server where you can ask us any questions you might have about your career.
  • Free swag and giveaways for course members 🎁

# Check out our course modules to see a detailed plan of which lectures we'll offer:

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