Efficient Engineering

A module for engineers of all levels looking to improve their throughput

  • 10 topics
  • 2.5 hrs
  • New grads

What you will learn

  • Master tools to improve your efficiency
  • Manage time effectively on projects of all sizes
  • Run a retrospective meeting and track action items

# About this module

New to your job, and finding yourself "stuck in the mud"? Take a look at Efficient Engineering, where we explain how to track, identify gaps in, and improve your performance. We also explain how to work on and lead efforts of all types, from small bugfixes to multi-team, multi-quarter projects.

# Target Audience

Software Engineers who are beginning their careers and may not have experience working on projects of various sizes, or otherwise any engineers needing advice about moving faster.

1 Efficiency and Organization

Tools to master to improve your throughput and stay focused 10min 30s
Great ways to track your work and impress your manager 5min 2s
Self-identifying and fixing gaps in your performance 2min 3s

2 Time and Project Management

How and when to push back against unreasonable timelines (improve your WLB!) 3min 4s
Best practices for running a meeting (agendas, success criteria, and more inside!) 3min 2s
What to do after a meeting ends (actions to take when following up) 4min 3s
Leading a small-to-medium project or bugfix (full stack, days to weeks) 5min 10s
Leading a large project (backend only, months to years) 5min 3s
Leading a large project (full stack, months to years) 5min 17s
Retrospectives, AIs, and improving for the next project 4min 3s