Leveling up

A module for those that want to get promoted and help their peers do the same

  • 10 topics
  • 1.5 hrs
  • Engineers of all levels

What you will learn

  • Giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • Learn to be a great teammate
  • Getting promoted at different points in your career
  • What to do to make your packet stand out in a calibration meeting

# About this module

Everyone's least favorite time of the year: performance review season. In this module, we teach you how to thrive in performance review cycles to set yourself up for success (and higher TC!) once it comes time for your boss to give you a rating.

# Target Audience

Software Engineers of all levels who want to make more money!

1 Effective communication and feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback To/From Your Direct Manager 4min 2s
Giving and Receiving Feedback To/From Your Skip Level Manager 2min 3s
Giving and Receiving Feedback To/From Another Engineer 3min 8s
Giving and Receiving Feedback To/From A C-Level Executive (CTO vs. CEO and how communication should differ) 7min 2s
Communicating with external customers 5min 3s

2 Getting promoted

It starts with you - how to be a great teammate and naturally get glowing peer reviews (regardless of level) 6min 3s
Advocating for yourself and controlling your own destiny (even with a lazy manager!) 4min 2s
The dreaded self review and how to write one (free template download!) 4min 10s
Secrets on how to make your promotion packet stand out (what worked for us!) 5min 6s
Typical promotion expectations per level (leveling guide attached!) 10min 1s
Moving into Engineering Management (EM) - when do you know you're ready? 3min 42s
Key differences between EM and IC work, and should you stay on the IC track? 3min 7s