The Flying Start

Learn how to enter the tech industry as a Software Engineer and get your career off to a flying start.

  • 18 topics
  • 1.5 hrs
  • New Graduates | Career Switchers

What you will learn

  • Understanding education / training requirements
  • How to pick a company
  • Standing out to recruiters
  • Interview preparation
  • Effective salary negotiation

# About this module

This is the comprehensive guide for new graduates or career switchers looking to land their first few software engineering roles.

We've taken all the juicy secrets learnt from years interviewing for, and interviewing candidates for roles in Silicon Valley and beyond and packaged them up for you.

Some might even call this the most thorough guide for new graduates available online.

We cover everything you need to know before you even start applying for programming roles, like:

  • understanding what it means to work as a software engineer
  • how to acquire the necessary skills to get hired (hint: it's not always about a college degree)
  • selecting between the different types of companies in the market ...
  • ... and then how to get your target companies to like you back!

The goal of this module is to get you ready for the job market, and get your software engineering career off to a flying start.

# Target Audience

You should be a new graduate or interested in a career switch as a developer, software engineer, programmer, or similar roles within the next 6 - 12 months.

Most of the advice in this module is widely applicable in English-speaking countries, but particularly targeted for working in the US.

1 Prepare for liftoff

Course introduction and Discord access! (START HERE) 1min 30s
Why do you want to be a Software Engineer? The mindset required to succeed. 3min 14s
Do I need a Computer Science degree? 2min 21s
The most important bits from college nobody told you about 5min 18s
Internships, internships, internships 5min 51s
Coding bootcamps - yay or nay? 4min 18s
Can you be self-taught? 3min 23s

2 Finding your dream job

Am I in the right location? (advice for remote work as well) 3min 18s
How to pick a company 1min 17s
Startup vs enterprise deathmatch! 7min 23s
I want to join a startup. Which stage should I target? (Seed, Series A, Series D, later stages?) 5min 3s
Backend? Frontend? Full stack? Mobile? Embedded? Picking the right specialization for you. 5min 2s
Advice for passing coding interviews and what to expect (discount codes to popular courses inside!) 4min 3s
Negotiation and getting the TC you deserve 8min 3s

3 Here and ready to kick butt

4 keywords to get recruiters drooling 4min 23s
Targeting your resume 5min 21s
Do I need a cover letter? 2min 43s
Reaching out to strangers 6min 18s